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Week 14

Finalizing BETA projects for FINAL CRIT Wk 15
should be no shorter than 10 minutes and no longer than 20 minutes.

  1. You should have a screen-based or verbal description of your project prepared.
  2. For those who have chosen new project ideas since Alpha presentation, please provide a BRIEF pre-presentation that includes: Use-case scenario, Persona description, Creative Brief and Branding Examples
  3. It is understood these are prototypes, but please have a walk through demonstration prepared that represents your concept and it’s usability in the best light. If you are “faking” certain functionality do not make this apparent to your audience. If there are buttons or links that are not active, make sure you have prepared your presentation in a way that does not make it appear your application or site is “broken.”
  4. Tomorrow I will post some examples of past Beta Project presentations.

FINAL REQUIREMENTS (to turn in next week on DVD):

  1. All working files for the semester. This includes beginning assignments and iterations and Alpha presentation files. Please label all accurately and organize in sub folders so files are sequential from beginning of semester to end of semester. All files & sub-folders should be in a final folder labeled LastNameFirstName_Des682 (ex. GannisCarla_Des682)
  2. Video Walk Through of Beta project. 20-120 seconds is sufficient.
    Screen Recording Software Free:
    http://www.webresourcesdepot.com/10-free-screen-recording-softwares-for-creating-attractive-screencasts/Screen Recording for Purchase:
    http://mac.appstorm.net/roundups/utilities-roundups/10-screen-recording-tools-for-mac/Assignment Week 13
  3. Beta presentation files. (swfs, flvs, mp3′s, whatever files that are part of your live presentation)
  4. Completed blog. (All entries should be posted!)
ANNOUNCE: For FINAL BETA PRESENTATIONS NEXT WEEK we will have to guest critics: Allen Wyke & Alexander Reyna

Allen Wyke – CTO, Internet Software Technologist & Author
For the last 15 years Allen has worked for Internet technology and digital media companies, where he has built and run development, customer service, professional services, project and product management, and information systems teams.
His experience includes online/interactive media platforms, content management systems, mobile advertising and applications, open source and commercial software, Web/Internet standards, online communities, SEO, mergers and acquisitions and nimble ways to execute with immediate impact and under budget.
His standards participation include co-founding and initially chairing the Emergency Management Technical Committee at OASIS, participating on P3P Working Group at W3C and CPExchange at IDEAlliance, and working on early online advertising standards effort (adXML). He has written over a dozen books, numerous articles, and a training video on standards, Internet technologies, and programming languages such as XML, PHP, JavaScript, .NET, and Perl. Most recent authoring is on the Joomla open source CMS and using Mac OS X for small/home office.

Alexander Reyna – Creative Director | 4mm Games
Alexander Reyna’s strangely autodidactic career has exploited the intersection between art and technology for the past fourteen years. His experience includes interactive projects and games, social networks and virtual worlds,  broadcast animation, motion graphics and various non commercial projects  involving realtime video, large format video projection, and more.

Part  of the team that created Rocketman at Siggraph 1997,  exploiting advanced animation and rendering technologies using NewTek’s Lightwave.

Grew up drawing comics  and, as a result, hired to develop concepts under Hugo Dallaire for Ubisoft’s Batman Vengeance. Responsible for the look of many in-game environments.  Hired  as the first Art Director of Ubisoft subsidiary Gameloft.com where he helped to launch the ground breaking web community and developed concepts for interactive television and  games sports network. His forays into virtual worlds include a stint developing a real-time 3d, web-based content aggregator and next generation social network.

Has gone on to work on many titles including E3 concept art for Rockstar Games titles MidnightClub(PS2)  and Smuggler’s Run (PS2), Cinematic Art Direction for Stuart Little II (PC),  Art Direction for Street Trace NYC (XBLA), game design for Wing Commander (XBLA), and Creative Direction for 4mm Games DefJam Rapstar (PS3/XBox/Wii).

In addition to his game credits, Reyna’s work includes title design for the intro sequence of Invader Zim and  concept art for various Nickelodeon television projects.  Technical Direction credits include Jimmy Neutron Universal Studio’s motion ride and Nickelodeon Video Game Break where his art and design skills were used to build the pipeline and manage the technical art processes.  His motion graphics and creative direction skills remain in high demand  on various projects for clients such as Armani, Atmosphere Pictures, Chanel, Discovery Channel, FuseTv, Getty Images, Nike, Lacoste, Microsoft, Radical Media and more.

Non commercial activity include numerous  solo exhibitions  in New York City and Berlin including  solo exhibitions in New York and exhibitions throughout the United States and overseas. He has participated in group shows including Spaces/Cleveland, The DIVA Art Fair, The Scope Art Fair, Hunter College, and several prominent American Universities.   Reyna has been featured and reviewed in interviews and publications including PS1, New York Arts Magazine, The Village Voice, NPR, and Animal Magazine. He was an Assistant Professor at Mercy College and taught in the Master’s program at New York University and spent a decade on the teaching faculty at the School of Visual Arts  in New York.

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